The Plan

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With our mission in place, we started brainstorming our next steps. As eager, amateur gardeners ourselves, what would we want to learn from the tool library? It was easy from there. We would install a variety of simple home gardening ideas that should appeal to new and more experienced folks like us- who want to enjoy a home grown tomato and maybe have a few to put back for winter. Oh, and since it isn’t in the garden, we need to reclaim, barter or beg as many materials as possible!
Our garden will include:
·         Raised beds
·         Square bed gardening
·         A hanging garden feature
·         Rain barrels
·         Composting
So, with a plan in hand, we started working on gathering our stuff! Barrels, and pallets and tires, ohm my!! Our friend, Hank, brought over the tomato, pepper and basil plants. We have allof the garden staked out and the OUPs report came back giving us the OK to dig.
In the meantime, we wrote and received a grant from Scott’s through the Columbus Foundation and we are eager to hear what that will mean. With the help of Brian and Jesse, our intrepid Thursday team, we have accumulated the things gardens of built of. The guys are bringing a group of enthusiastic volunteers with them this Thursday to break ground and get us started.
Now- if only the weather will cooperate!

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