Squash Bugs

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As mentioned in the previous post, we have been dealing with these mean guys in our zucchini plants. They are called Squash Bugs and they are generally attracted to the different Cucurbits, such as yellow squash, zucchini, and cucumbers. They are a terrible pest to have in your garden, as they suck the sap out of those plants.

We have decided to cut ties with our zucchini plants after a short but sweet run of yield with them. I decided that it would be better to get the plants out of the garden before the Squash Bugs make their way over to our cucumbers and winter squash plants, which might just be an inevitability.
I have identified the Squash Bug eggs among our Cucurbits, and have read that ‘squashing’ these eggs before they can ‘hatch’ is an excellent way to curb the Squash Bug infestation. There are pesticides that can be applied to the plants in order to fend of the bugs, but the best and safest proposed method of attack appears to be going after these eggs.
Hopefully I will be able to report success with our other Cucurbites in the near future, as my hopes are that these guys will be hanging out in the compost bin for now.


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