Native Plants

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Native plants provide a beautiful, hardy, drought resistant, low maintenance landscape while benefiting the environment.

Full Sun
Big Bluestem
Indian Grass
Porcupine Grass
Pale Purple Coneflower
Heath Aster
Prairie Smoke
Prairie Cinquefoil
Western (or Naked) Sunflower

Shade (Grasses)
Common Rush
Rice Cut Grass
Small Duckweed
Pickerel Weed
Common Arrowhead
Common Cattail
Prairie Cordgrass

Shade Flowers
Wild Columbine
Wild Ginger
Yellow Trout Lily
Big Bluestem Grass
Purple Love Grass
Rough Blazing Star
New Jersey Tea

Full Sun-Part Shade
Nodding Wild Onion
Butterfly Weed
Smooth Blue Aster
Sky Blue Aster
White Wild Indigo
Shooting Star
Virginia Wild Rye
Canada Wild Rye

… and many more!

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