Heroes at Home

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What’s new with RTCO you ask? Well, first and foremost, blog posts! We took a break from our blog for a while, but we are back and ready to tell you about all the wonderful activities taking place here.

RTCO was the recipient of a Sears Heroes at Home grant this year. In 10 days, we will be using the grant to serve a very deserving your veteran and his family:


The B’s had their first date on Valentine’s Day in 2007. Five years later they were married on that same date, “A date that’s easy for him to remember,” Mrs. B says laughing, but there is a darker side to this joke. An after effect of Mr. B’s Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is memory problems. This brave veteran was in the service for thirteen years; five years in the Air Force and nearly eight years in the Marine Corps with an eight month deployment to Iraq in 2007. While in Iraq, he was thrown from a truck. He was not wearing a helmet and landed on concrete, suffering major injuries. Although fortunate he was not paralyzed, he suffered a TBI, injuries to his spine and extensive nerve damage in one of his arms. His disability is one that goes unseen most days, but when the injuries flare up they effect every facet of his life. He is now medically retired from the Marine Corps and living on a fixed income with his wife as his care giver.

In order to afford the move to Ohio to be closer to Mr. B’s family, The B’s spent the last few years living on next to nothing to pay off their debts. They also sold both of their cars to buy cheaper cars with no car payments. Then, they were extremely lucky to find a home in good condition in Pickerington that they were able to buy on short sale. They received almost all of their baby toys and items from friends; and purchased the majority of furniture from Craigslist. The B’s previously lived in Maryland, in Wounded Warrior transitional housing, and were nearing the end of their six month lease. Since our veteran experienced his injuries, they have moved over ten times (three of those times in the last year) and have never been able to enjoy the comforts of a true home.

Their need for a stable home is greater now that they are raising a two year old son, and a daughter that joined them in February. A permanent home, modified to support Mr. B’s life style, would be a huge relief for this growing family. In addition, he has a 20 year old sister, J. J is effected by an extremely rare disease known as Trisomy 17 (three instances of the 17th chromosome instead of two). This disease causes severe developmental disabilities, and has left J under the permanent care of Mr. B’s mother and father. Should anything happen to them, J will be placed in the permanent care of The B’s; further stressing the importance of a permanent, safe and universal home.

This is one of many projects that we do for deserving families each year. If you are interested in helping with this or future projects, visit our website to learn more or contact Cassy Patterson at cassy@rtcentralohio.org. You can also learn more about Rebuilding Together and Sears’ partnership here.

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