Fixing A Hole

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There was a brief scare at the Demo Garden the other day, as our hose recently fell victim to a small puncture. It can’t really be determined  what caused the issue, but I suspect it was just an old hose that had one or two too many vehicles run over it in its time.

The solution we came up with was to purchase a hose mender/coupler used to remove the section with the holes. The first step is to remove the damaged section of the hose by cutting it out with scissors or with a utility knife (it’s probably a good idea to remove an inch or two from each side of the hole) :
Then you will put the hose mender plastic piece into each end of the base of the coupler as far up on the plastic as possible. You then need to clip the ends of the plastic mender around the hose pieces and tighten the screws in order to secure the plastic around the hose. While it is possible that the hose could spring another leak in the near future, we at least have temporarily solved the issue and can wait to readdress it during the off-season.

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