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Garden Prep

Posted on 05/14/13 by Steph 1 Comment

Spring 2013 garden prep at the RTCO Demonstration Garden is complete!  Preparations included chicken tractoring, straw mulch, affordable compost, and sheet mulching with newspaper. After the chickens had a chance to clear out most of the weeds, seeds, and bugs from one of our garden beds, I threw down some straw that we are using […]

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Chickens at the Tool Library

Posted on 04/10/13 by Demo Garden No Comments

Chicken tractors are a great way to prep your garden space before you plant, as well as clean up your bed after your plants are done. At the Tool Library, we have some visiting chickens, prepping our garden space for us.  The chickens eat all the weeds in the bed – especially chick weed – […]

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I got Peas on my mind, but don’t call me a Pea Head!

Posted on 03/18/13 by Steph No Comments

It’s time to plant peas!  Finally! The first seeds that can go in the ground when it is still freezing off and on outside are peas.  Beets, carrots, and other root vegetables are usually hardy enough to take some frost when they are babies, as well. Peas are not only great for your belly, but […]

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Seed Library and Seed Saving

Posted on 02/05/13 by Demo Garden No Comments

A book library in Colorado has adopted seeds into their collection! Library members check out seeds during the planting season.  They use what they need, then after harvest let some of their strongest plants go to seed.  They collect the seed from the plant and return them to the library! What a cool idea! Want […]

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No Watering, No Bending!

Posted on 12/11/12 by Steph No Comments

Hugelkultur! Its a German word that refers to a technique of raised-bed gardening that does not require watering or irrigation.  I made a hugelkultur in my back yard a few weekends ago, and I’m expecting good things! Basically, a hugelkultur is a raised bed of piled rotting wood in the center, and dirt on top of […]

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EASY No Dig Garden Prep

Posted on 10/29/12 by rtco-admin

The EASIEST way to prepare a garden bed for planting into next Spring is to sheet mulch it now.    What is sheet mulching?  It is a technique used by gardeners to prepare garden beds without having to dig or till their soil first.  It involves smothering your grass, or whatever weeds you have, with […]

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Giant Sweet Potato Harvest!

Posted on 10/11/12 by rtco-admin

RTCO’s resident gardener Alec Sutliff has stumbled upon a method for growing giant sweet potatoes!  This is our harvest from RTCO’s garden – dug up yesterday. Sweet Potatoes are heat lovers, and this summer we had a hot one!  Alec says loose soil, heat, and regular watering must be the key to growing these giant […]

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Cool Weather Crops

Posted on 10/04/12 by rtco-admin

What edible crops can you grow during the Fall and Winter seasons?  There are so many, and its still not too late to plant. Root Vegetables: Radishes, Beets, Turnips, Carrots, Parsnips All love the cool, wet weather of Fall.  You can plant these vegetables from seed now and let them get well-established before there are […]

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Eat All Winter – Build a Cold Frame!

Posted on 09/19/12 by Steph No Comments

Many people think when there is snow and ice all around, there are no green things to eat from the garden. Not true if you build a cold frame! Cold frames are like miniature greenhouses that keep cool weather vegetables alive throughout the winter. They can be as simple or as complicated as you want […]

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Improve Your Soil Naturally

Posted on 09/13/12 by Steph No Comments

Winter cover crops are a great way to improve your soil without using chemical fertilizers.  Cover cropping can be very easy, and your Spring plants will love you for it. This is the time to plant them.  Fertilizers that you buy at the store, even the Organic certified ones, can runoff into the groundwater and add […]

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