An Early Start in our Demonstration Garden

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Although it’s still frosty outside, the Tool Library Demonstration Garden is preparing for our 2014 growing season! Starting seeds indoors before the weather is warm allows you to get a jump-start on the garden.

starting seedsSome people invest in expensive grow-light setups, but you can also use a plain shop light to heat and light your seeds.

Our first indoor seeds are different types of greens, including spinach, lettuce and arugula. In a week or two, we’ll plant the sprouts outdoors under a cold frame. A cold frame is simply a closed, transparent shelter in a garden that acts as a mini-greenhouse, keeping the temperature slightly warmer so that you can begin to grow outdoors sooner. The frame can be made of almost anything, but the “lid” should be removable for watering and planting.

Here in Central Ohio, our “last frost” date is April 26, but starting our seeds early and using a cold frame will allow us to start our greens soon in March.


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