Ugly Tomatoes: Blossom End Rot

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Have you had any tomatoes this season that have been looking like this?

These poor tomatoes have fallen victim to what is known as Blossom End Rot. The most oft cited reason for this issue is uneven watering of the plant. The problem is heightened after an excess of watering following a great length of dry conditions. The “Drought of 2012” has been a player in this development, making regular watering a necessity; missing a day or two, then over-watering for compensation is a surefire recipe for Blossom End Rot. The plants have deal with some form of malnourishment, and they have a poor output.

If this is how your initial tomatoes are growing, fear not! The best solution to this issue is to pick the tomatoes that are looking rotten on the bottom, and to begin watering your plants on a more regular schedule. There is more information available at the OSU Extension, and it is worth taking a look:

Don’t worry though, your plant still has the capability to produce healthy, fresh, tasty fruit. Simply be patient with your plants and make time to schedule your watering. Good luck and happy early harvesting!

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