Regrading the Foundation

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Improper grading can cause serious water damage in a basement which could lead to mold growth and a weakened structure. After a heavy rain check around the foundation wall for standing water and your basement for moisture.

Skill Level: Moderate
Time: Multiple Days
Cost: $20 – $160

Supply List:
Line Level 
Measuring Tape 
landscape Rake 
Hand Tamp 
Garden Rake
Masking Tape

**Items in bold can be borrowed from the Tool Library


1 Remove Debris
Use a landscaping rake and garden rake to remove rocks and debris from the area. Rake from the foundation out to the yard.

2 Drive Stakes
Drive a stake into the ground near the foundation wall. Measure 8’ from that stake away from the house, and drive another stake.

3 Run String
Tie a string onto the stake at the foundation. Attach the other end of the string to the stake 8’ away. Make sure to level the string using the line level.

4 Mark the String
Use masking tape to mark off 1’ intervals on the string. Make sure that tape markers are long enough to write on.

mark string

5 Add Soil
Measure the distance between the sting and ground to determine whether soil needs to be added or removed each foot should be a 1/4” lower as you go away from the house.

add soil

6 Distribute the soil
Rake soil starting at the foundation wall and out toward the yard. Make sure that the height difference is 1/4” at each foot. Add or remove soil until you achieve the correct heights and slope. Repeat steps 1- 4 until entire yard is done.


7 Tamp Down Soil
Use a hand tamp to compact the soil. Avoid tamping the soil too much, as it will create soil that is too dense for growth.

tamp down


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