Preserving Your Harvest – No Canning Required

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Fall is almost here.  The garden is slowing down.  I personally do not enjoy canning, but luckily preserving some of those last summer fruits is easier than you think – easier than cooking!!  All it takes is time and some counter space…

Fruit Scraps turned into Vinegar

Fruit scaps can be left set out for a few weeks with sugar and a cloth to keep the flies off, and it turns into vinegar! This is one of my favorite ways to use every part of apples, pears, pineapple, and other fruits.  It is so easy.  I use the vinegar for cooking and pickling.  Especially when I have scraps leftover from baking with apples I picked from the tree myself – I don’t want ANY of those scraps to go to waste!  Click here:

What to do with Green Tomatoes

This website has lots of great ideas for cooking and preserving green tomatoes – roasting, pickling, making chutney:

Easy Pickling

Picture of Quick and Easy Pickles Recipe

Cucumbers are so easy to pickle. Just throw them together with some vinegar and whatever flavorings you like, let them sit in the fridge for a bit, and they are ready to munch:

Don’t forget the Sauerkraut!

No food preservation would be complete without sauerkraut!  This is the easiest no-worry way to make sauerkraut that I’ve ever tried.  You just mix cabbage with salt and let it sit around.  The book Wild Fermentation has all kinds of wonderful ideas that don’t involve a canner or a refrigerator.  I highly recommend the book:

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