Plans For Your Veggies

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Over at Rebuilding Together Central Ohio we are always trying to come up with new and exciting ways to eat the different vegetables that we have been growing at our Demo Garden. Unless you find a way to stagger your crops, there are periods where you might be having very successful yields with only one or two types of vegetable at a time. So far at RTCO we have had a TON of yellow squash, zucchini, and black plum tomatoes and we are actively searching for recipes to use up the ‘fruits’ of our labor.

Check out some recipes that we have discovered below!

Here is a delicious recipe tested at home for a yellow squash, green chili, and cornbread casserole. This oen was tested out over the weekend, and offered an excellent mix of sweet and salty (especially when enhanced with a little hot sauce. Below is the link to a blog for the recipe:

Another wonderful recipe that David has vouched for is a zucchini pancake that looks absolutely delicious. Keep checking back here to see some more recipes that we have uncovered, or feel free to add anything that you have found or created to the comments section, or to our facebook page! Here is the link for the pancakes:

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