First Rain Barrel Installed!!

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Stoddart Avenue Community Garden receives the first rain barrel from a Grant funded by the city and managed by the Tool Library!

RTCO’s Tool Library has joined forces with the City of Columbus, Community Garden Partners, and Rain Brothers to offer free rain barrel and connecting irrigation supplies for Land Bank Community Gardens across Columbus!

Stoddart Avenue was the first community garden to receive a 300-gallon rain barrel tank, solar pump, hoses, and first-time water fill-up – all installed by Rain Brothers free to the garden.  When winter comes, the community garden will collect any weather-sensitive items together and store them at the Tool Library until next spring. They will receive free training on the proper use, maintenance, and winterization of the materials.  If they ever have technical difficulties with their rain catching system, Rain Brothers will be available to trouble-shoot.  The 2012 growing season has been so dry, no one can deny the benefit of rain catching irrigation systems in community gardens across the city!

Any land bank community garden interested in receiving a free rain barrel system, please contact the Tool Library:, 614-258-6392.  Another benefit of this program is that you automatically become a member of the Tool Library.  You do not need to be a 501(c)3.

Requirements to receive the 300 or 550 gallon irrigation system include:

  • Community Gardens must be in their second year of good standing with the City Land Bank
  • A copy of the lease between the garden partner and the City
  • Proof of ID for three garden members who will also be allowed to check out tools

To read more about the Stoddart Avenue Community Garden, click here:

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