Double-Deck Composting

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One other development that is still in progress is our attempt to build a double-decker drum composting unit. The goal is to have two barrels lodged within the unit, and after one fills up it is set to compost, while the other begins to fill up. As of now we have only one of the barrels lodged within the frame, but we plan to have both barrels up and running in the near future. This addition is key to our attempts to heighten the sustainability of our Demonstration Garden in 2012. You can see what our double-decker drum composting unit looks like now in the picture below the jump on the left, and what the double-decker style will look like as a finished project (minus the blue).
These posts have been a highlight of a few of the additions and changes that we’ve made this year to the Demo Garden. Be sure to check back soon in order to see how progress is going and what sort of success we have with the different styles. If you have any questions regarding construction plans of any of our designs please feel free to check in with us and we can help get you on your way. Here’s wishing you a successful season and best of luck from all of us at RTCO.

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