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Making the Most of What You Don’t Have: Shared Resources Around Columbus

Posted on 01/18/18 by rtco-admin

When it comes to doing a project efficiently, sometimes the hardest part is finding the correct resources to actually start working. Columbus is a city bursting with successful people and projects, and for this to be possible, there must be resources available to them. Just because own something doesn’t mean you can’t get the job […]

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The Great Homeowner Debate: Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

Posted on 12/20/17 by rtco-admin

One of the current trends in real estate and homeownership is installing hardwood (or laminate) flooring in place of carpets. They are easier to maintain, last longer, and don’t hold dust and other allergens. Many homeowners wrestle with whether to install natural hardwood flooring or laminate, which looks a lot like hardwood but is made of synthetic materials. […]

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Anyone can Paint

Posted on 02/15/17 by rtco-admin

We work with hundreds of volunteers every year and we paint a lot of rooms. It is a fairly quick and inexpensive way to make a home feel fresh and welcoming. However, if someone hasn’t painted before, the outcome can be disappointing. Choose the right sheen for your project. Paints come in gloss, semi-gloss, satin, […]

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Happy Days

Posted on 01/12/17 by rtco-admin

Your parents always tell you to be thankful for what you have, but as a kid, this phrase is hard to swallow. No one understands you and it’s just simply annoying! However, I realize now that they were actually onto something: mindfulness and gratitude. Mindfulness is the complete awareness of your thoughts and feelings, good […]

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Installing a Hand Rail

Posted on 12/14/16 by rtco-admin

Handrails are not difficult to install if you follow some simple rules. First buy a good rail.  Poplar is a good middle of the road choice but pine and oak are often also available.  It should be long enough to extend 6 inches past the top and bottom step.  It should also be between 34” and […]

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Caroline on the Road: How a Tool Library Can Help

Posted on 10/31/16 by rtco-admin

During my time in Louisiana, I worked with Rebuilding Together Acadiana’s Executive Director to create a plan to launch a tool library for the Acadiana community. A tool library can help in a number of ways after a natural disaster occurs. They not only provide homeowners with the necessary tools to rebuild their homes, but […]

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Caroline on the Road: Facing Floods – The Aftermath

Posted on 10/25/16 by rtco-admin

It is important to know the issues caused by flooding are not only harmful to your home, but also to your health. Water damage causes rotting which compromises the structural soundness of a home. It also invites problems that can affect your personal well-being such as mold and pests. A proper muck and gut along […]

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Caroline on the Road: Progress in Louisiana

Posted on 10/24/16 by rtco-admin

Rebuilding Together Acadiana has all hands on deck to face the current issues at hand. The affiliate has held off on other programs to ensure homeowners affected by the floods are properly taken care of. Groups have been working five days out of the week to complete muck and guts and mold remediation. The average […]

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Caroline on the Road: Floods Know no Boundaries – Current Issues in Louisiana

Posted on 10/21/16 by rtco-admin

Needless to say, flooding has been a huge issue in several states for the past couple of months. From the historic flooding in August that devastated several parishes in southern Louisiana to Hurricane Matthew, states are desperately looking for recovery. My first day in Lafayette, LA opened my eyes to the problems homeowners are still […]

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The Art of Using a Stud Finder

Posted on 09/14/16 by rtco-admin

Stud Finders are invaluable tools for finding the studs or 2 x 4’s behind finished walls.  Finding these is critical for hanging anything that has some weight to it because drywall just cannot hold very much weight.  If for example you are going to hang a shelf on which you will put glassware or tableware, […]

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