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Potato Harvest!

Posted on 07/16/12 by Demo Garden No Comments

The results of our straw tower potato garden are in: Success! (sort of) We had originally thought that the potatoes from our bed of straw would grow within the straw section of the garden, while the roots dig deeper and deeper into the soil. This is not exactly how our potatoes turned out. However, the […]

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Squash For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Posted on 07/11/12 by Demo Garden No Comments

With the early harvests of the season comes the challenge of discovering what to do with so much of certain types of fruit and vegetables. Our team at RTCO has picked a whole bunch of varieties of squash and zucchini, including these lovely eight-ball and one-ball squash in the picture up above. We did a […]

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Pest Control: Aphids

Posted on 07/09/12 by Demo Garden 1 Comment

Have you ever been checking on your tomato plants, looked at the underside of any of the leaves and seen these nasty little buggers? Sadly this image is from the Demonstration Garden here at RTCO. These bugs are called aphids, and they are located on a few of our tomato plants. Aphids have sharp little […]

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Is This A Drought Yet?

Posted on 06/28/12 by Demo Garden No Comments

If the rainfall for a given period of time is more than 20 percent of its average rainfall it is generally considered  a drought for that area. This does not necessarily mean that there will be any water restrictions placed in the community or changes made to how water is allocated, however, it should be […]

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Those Rascally Rabbits and Groundhogs

Posted on 06/25/12 by Demo Garden No Comments

Two of our three garden beds have been flourishing this season, but the only non-raised bed in our lot has been the victim of some pest activity. We had originally planned on growing some green bean bushes along the edges and some cucumbers right up the middle of the bed. In the photo above you […]

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Double-Deck Composting

Posted on 06/19/12 by Demo Garden No Comments

One other development that is still in progress is our attempt to build a double-decker drum composting unit. The goal is to have two barrels lodged within the unit, and after one fills up it is set to compost, while the other begins to fill up. As of now we have only one of the […]

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Something Borrowed, Something New

Posted on 06/18/12 by Demo Garden 1 Comment

Another addition to our garden includes a table-top style raised bed that was constructed after viewing a similar bed at Franklin Conservatory. It can be seen on the right in the photograph below, after the jump. This construction is perfect for those who don’t have the knees to garden like they might have used to, […]

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2012: Back At It

Posted on 06/13/12 by Demo Garden No Comments

After a triumphant inaugural harvest from the RTCO Demonstration Garden in 2011, our staff was put to task to repeat its success and continue with the mission to share economical, safe and healthy ideas for home gardeners. A key component of the Demo Garden is to develop a plan for sustainability and continued success year […]

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Summer Bounty

Posted on 08/25/11 by rtco-admin No Comments

August 25, 2011 It seems like we just put the little plants in the ground and already, Alec has cleared out the first round of squash and beans and put in some late season crops. This morning buckets of green beans, tomatoes and peppers were harvested to share with the staff and our members.  On […]

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All ‘Topsy Turvey”

Posted on 07/22/11 by rtco-admin No Comments

One of the things that keeps us all gardening is optimism- that the sun will shine, the rain will fall, the seeds will germinate and with a little luck, we will have beautiful tomatoes mid- July. We will have the tomatoes, but not from our original Topsy Turvey planting. As you can see the plants […]

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