A Series of Fortunate Events

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IMG_3092When I say we have the best volunteers, I mean we have THE BEST volunteers. Here at RTCO there is a lot of well-deserved volunteer recognition that goes on during a certain month of the year because not just here, but across the nation, National Rebuilding Month would be nothing close to a success without the dedication of thousands of volunteers. Today, though, we recognize the unsung heroes. The weekend warriors, if you will, who stick around to make sure we can provide warm, safe and dry homes, year round, to our Central Ohio friends in need. This Saturday was an exceptional example of the lengths our volunteers are willing to go to ensure success.

Mr. K, a retired carpenter, is facing health issues that make it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the place he has called home for 20 years. The biggest problem he and his wife were facing was the severe rot of the floor boards and joists of their front porch. Not only was the porch in bad shape, but Mr. and Mrs. K were both using that space on a regular basis making it extremely dangerous for both them and their grandchildren.IMG_3090

We have some very capable people here at RTCO, but we knew that this variety of project would take a few more hands. The response to our volunteer request was swift. We had a group of six enthusiastic and very talented volunteers willing to give up part of their Saturday for a family in need. Fast forward to the day of the project, not only did we end up with two more volunteers than we anticipated, but one brought his grill and food to cook out for everyone on the project! Everything was looking good indeed…until the materials didn’t show up.

This would typically be enough to call it quits and reschedule, but not for our fearless crew! They all banded together and decided (insisted) that the show must go on. One of them ran to pick up the materials while the rest of them started to work on the porch. This crew went above and beyond to give the K’s a brand new, sturdy and safe front porch. These are the people that keep us motivated, they are the essence of our organization and the reason that we can continue to help our neighbors in need.

Thank you, from all of us at RTCO for being so giving of your time and skills!

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