A Few Simple Ways to Save Money

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Air sealing around windows and doors helps keep cold out in the winter and in during the summer

o   Caulk around doors and windows

o   Use expanding foam to fill gaps and seams

o   Install switch and outlet sealers

o   Place weather-stripping around doors and windows

o   Add insulation in basement and attics

To save money on Heating, AC, and Hot Water

o   Install a programmable thermostat

o   Install new hot water heater or use an insulation  blanket

o   Cover hot water pipes with insulation

o   Insulate ductwork with mastic sealer

To help keep your water bill down install low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators.

Consider using CFL or LED light bulbs to help cut down electric bills.

If you have Columbia Gas in your home, you may qualify for discounts and rebates for energy efficiency upgrades- check their website for more information:


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