2012: Back At It

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After a triumphant inaugural harvest from the RTCO Demonstration Garden in 2011, our staff was put to task to repeat its success and continue with the mission to share economical, safe and healthy ideas for home gardeners. A key component of the Demo Garden is to develop a plan for sustainability and continued success year after year. The opening year harvest of 2011 featured plentiful cucumbers, tomatoes of several varieties, basil, zucchini, sweet potatoes, and peas. This year we are planning to continue our success with these plants, as well as adding a variety of squash, regular potatoes, and some herbs connected to our upside-down tomatoes. As far as construction and layout are concerned we have added multiple new features to showcase a few possibilities that might be useful at home.

David was in charge of this first development, and he has attempted to add a bit of feng shui to our lovely garden by building up a nice tiered bed that is shown above. This space up on the top-tier will provide plenty of room for an RTCO home-grown sweet potato plant. This sweet potato actually grew from tubers that sprouted from a potato from the 2011 Demo Garden. The bottom tier is now home to several squash plants We thought that this design shows off nicely how something very simple can provide a little extra flavor to the traditional raised bed design.
Have any other ideas about how to add some extra flavor to your raised beds or other garden construction? Feel free to share anything in the comments section, or talk to our RTCO staff seeing as we are always willing to test out new methods. Stay tuned in the coming days as we will be providing some more ideas that we are trying out as part of our Demo garden for 2012!

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